Design 4 Test

One of Techline’s core business activities is the design and build reliable, application-specific, functional test fixtures for the electronics industry and our Design for Test experience and client base is truly global. Since 2006 we have designed and commissioned test fixtures for various clients in the UK, Spain, the Ukraine and China.


Techline is the only choice when it comes to innovative functional test fixture design. For many years we have been designing bespoke test fixtures for some of the leading electronics manufacturers all over the UK and Europe.

Our innovative and cost effective fixture solutions are designed and built from product requirement specifications supplied by our clients but we frequently design test fixtures based purely on product samples provided by our clients. An exciting mix of hardware, software, electronics and electro-mechanical disciplines then follows to produce some of the most elegant test fixture solutions. Please browse the Techline Design for Test gallery to view some of our pioneering test fixture designs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce turnkey functional test solutions, which include all required hardware, application software (if required), training, and user manuals. Clients that wish to increase product quality by improving test coverage and beat the competition by improving productivity, often turn to and return to Techline.

Test Fixture Design Notes

When a simple arrangement of bars and clamps will not securely fasten products to test equipment, then a mechanical adapter, called a “fixture,” is used to attach the test item mounting points for functional test. Since every product is unique, custom-designed fixtures are custom-designed to be secure without interfering with the operation of the product. Our fixtures also ensure that products are held in the proper orientation while under test or are designed to simulate the actual end user application.

A customized fixture has several important features and functions:

  • Adapt to unique shapes, contours, and mounting points of the test item
  • Interface to the electrical or mechanical test interface
  • Subject the item to the required test specification
  • Ensure operator safety by designing-out operator electrical or mechanical risk
  • Provide test orientations in multiple planes of motion if required
  • Increase product yield by reducing test time and operator intervention
  • Increase product yield by offering simultaneous test of multiple units

Clients rely on Techline’s expertise, design resources, and project management to provide turn-key functional test solutions in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Well-designed fixtures are an important component in your production test environment so our test fixtures are always built with reliability in mind.

We utilise SolidWorks CAD software to develop and optimize our designs then we work with our local machining partners to manufacture the finished unit. The process is all seamlessly coordinated so an optimised fixture is ready for the start of testing.