Design Process

Clients often have very demanding and challenging project objectives relating to functionality, cost and schedule. Our clients rely on us to play a key role in meeting these goals by making the design requirements, the design, and delivery process as smooth and predictable as possible.

Although we have a very varied client base, we have developed a proven 5-stage design process which is detailed below. The process fast tracks many of the time consuming project stages, most often delivering ‘right first time’ results.


All Techline projects begin with understanding your business, design requirements and budget.

The design requirements maybe pre-defined or generated in discussions with our team. This stage is crucial since it defines the project deliverables, timescales and resource requirements.



Once the project requirements have been captured, the final specification provides a clear and concise description of the complete design and all interfaces. The project specification can then be mutually approved.

At this stage Techline are able to provide you with an accurate and realistic proposal for the complete design including a fixed price quote (or estimate) for all project costs and delivery time-scales.


We now design the project to the agreed Design Specification using a mix of analysis, laboratory work, and computer adided design (CAD) tools. Including any specific type approvals such as EMC, temperature range, vibration, mechanical form and fit, and protection.

Completed CAD drawings or schematics are then sent for approval before moving on to fixture manufacture, board layout or mechanical fabrication. Techline typically provides a 3D CAD model or an interactive 3D PDF at this stage. For more complex projects, we may actually manufacture parts of the design to prove concepts ahead of the full prototype.



We work closely with our clients to ensure that prototypes pass all functional and environmental tests.

Prototype testing may also include EMC emissions, vibration, temperature and humidity as well as other industry specific standards, some of which can be undertaken in house or typically at our clients premises.


With prototypes approved, our job is sometimes complete unless a full production run is required which we may be required to completely oversee or manage.

At this stage, Techline will issue all project documentation and information including all mechanical drawings, schematics in PDF format, a full Bill of Materials, and any other agreed end user documentation.