Electronic Design

Our consultancy services are varied and can range from brand-new product development, re-design of an existing product, a design feasibility study or 3rd party design support and reviews.

We routinely produce an electronic designs from initial concept right through to pre-production and then manufacture, so project management is a crucial aspect of our design flow. We always try to agree  project deliverables with our clients upfront, unless the project requirements are still in the definition stage which often get involved in. We provide project milestones and periodic activity reports so that our clients always have full visibility of progress.

We use the latest computer-aided design tools and we are now able to compress the design cycle by using the latest in-house 3D print technology. We are now able to completely unlock the value of rapid manufacturing thought the development process. The efficiency improvement has profound downstream benefits throughout the electronics manufacturing process — whether it be compressing design cycles, enabling more iteration, accelerating tooling development, or building more optimized end-use parts.

Our design experience is broad and covers Education to Military/Aerospace design, industrial products, and consumer electronics making Techline your ideal fast-track design partner!