Electronic Design

Our consultancy services are varied and can range from brand-new product development, re-design of existing product, or a design feasibility study, but central to nearly all of our business activities is Electronic Design.

Because we routinely produce an electronic circuit or system from initial concept right through to pre-production and then manufacture, project management is a crucial aspect of our design flow. We always agree a project schedule with our customer, that includes project milestone dates, achievement goals and periodic activity reports so that our clients always have full visibility of project progress.

We have all of the very latest in-house computer-aided design software tools to help us work on your new design. We use simulation software to evaluate the design and prototype PCB manufacture for final validation. Once the design is complete, a complete documentation package is issued along with the hardware, which generally includes a design description, bill of materials, any test reports and mechanical assembly drawings.

Our design experience also covers all business areas, ranging from Educational to Military/Aerospace design, industrial products, and consumer electronics making Techline your ideal fast-track design partner!