Space Power Systems

A satellite requires a source of energy in order to function. As it launches away from Earth, the satellite will be reliant on onboard battery power, but to operate continuously for years on end, a more sustainable power source is required.

Over many years Techline Systems has been involved in the design and development of various satellite power systems within the Aerospace industry.

Techline’s detailed satellite design experience covers aspects of both subsystems for numerous clients:

  • QinetiQ
    • BepiColombo
  • Surrey Satellite Technology
    • GEMINI power system development
    • GIOVE-A power system design
    • NovaSAR-1 Power Processing Unit (PPU) Design
    • Eutelsat Quantum Analysis (complete power system WCA, PSA and FMECA)
  • Southampton University
    • Resistojet Power Control Unit (PCU) Design
  • Clyde Space
    • CubeSat Power System
    • Solar Array Regulator
    • 50V/500W BDR development