Audio Design

h2Here at Techline we just love all things audio! Indeed the foundations of our business were built on the one of our earlier commissioned designs for a major British audio company.

Today we consider our flagship 1kW MOSFET Mono-block amplifier a reference design that is as good as any. Designed to perfection, the TEA-1000S represents almost two years of engineering effort and a lifetime of audio know how! Design features that include a highly linear circuit topology utilising current mirror and cascode circuitry for high slew-rate and negligible distortion, make this an amplifier that will make audiophiles around the world take note.

The TEQ-1000S is an 8-channel stereo graphic equaliser incorporating an 8-band spectrum analyser display. The main equaliser section features ultra-low noise gyrator filter sections and a pink-noise room acoustics frequency compensation system. The analyser display allows the user to see the audio spectrum whilst setting up the system for optimum room acoustics.

Contact Audio Applications for price and delivery information. A series of application notes that chronicle the development of the TEA-1000S and TEQ-1000S are also available on request or checkout the Techline Gallery.